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March 15, 2014- SJC CDS Spring Show

April 11-13, 2014- Jane Weatherwax Clinic

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We are the San Juan Capistrano Chapter of the California Dressage Society. Located in sunny Southern California, our members ride, train, and reside in Orange County and its surrounding communities. Over the years our chapter has played host to two Olympic Selection Trials, numerous shows, educational clinics, and plenty of good old fashioned horse-related fun. Whether your goals are to show FEI or to simply enjoy your equine partner, we have lots of information to share and ways to get involved with your local dressage and equestrian communities.

                      The San Juan Capistrano CDS Chapter is please to offer a clinic with:



Junior/Young Rider Clinic

JULY 25-27

with Elizabeth Hendrix

at Pepper Glen Equestrian (Norco)

*Each clinic is organized over a three day period Friday evening through Sunday.

*Riders must be members in good standing of the SJC Chapter of CDS and be Junior/Young Riders  21 years or younger for the JR/YR clinic.

*Riders must be members in good standing of the SJC Chapter of CDS and be Adult Amateur Riders  22 years or older for the AA clinic.

*The riders must be able to walk/trot/canter with proper diagonals and leads (Training Level minimally).

*The rider, to be eligible, must have a sound, fit and in good condition, familiar equine partner, presenting as a “horse/rider team”.

*They must be actively riding demonstrated by current dressage lessons with their horse for the past 6 months.  The rider should be riding said horse at least 3 days per week.

*On the two riding days of the clinic, the riders are required to attend all portions of the clinic which may include attending discussion sessions during the day.


 Shea Lecture Series

Have you thought about creating your own Musical Freestyle ride but don’t know where to start?

The San Juan Capistrano CDS Chapter is pleased to offer

Musical Freestyle Clinic

with Cynthia Collins of Luna Tunes Freestyles


The Jane Weatherwax clinic has been cancelled. 


Friday July 19th – Sunday July 20th

Friday: Lecture

Saturday: Sycamore or Tar Farms

Sunday: Sycamore or Tar Farms

Cost $150 for both days of 50 minute sessions



Your spot will not be held until a check is received.

This is a two day clinic.  If the rider decides to have Cynthia design a freestyle for them than the $150 clinic fee will be credited towards the cost of the freestyle. 

What to expect-

Rider's should have one of the following goals in mind while riding in the freestyle clinic.

1. The rider desires a complete competitive freestyle.  There is an additional cost for this service, however, the rider will receive a discount ($150) off the freestyle fees.  I develop Training thru Grand Prix  and Western freestyles for Amateur's, JR, YR, Para, and Professionals.

On the first day, the horse's gait tempo's are measured.  The horse's movement, body build, and level, is observed in order to select appropriate music.  Next, music is played while the horse trots, canters, and then walks, to see which type of music looks correct with the horse.  -Rider's may bring music they have to be analyzed to see if it might be appropriate for their horse.  Please it  bring on a Phone, MP3 player, tablet, laptop, or CD. 

On the second day, choreography will be discussed and developed according to the horse and riders strengths and weaknesses. The rider may need to ride sections of the choreography several times while choreography is being created and adjustments are made.  The rider will be e-mailed the choreography.  During or after the clinic, the rider must video tape the riding of the choreography in a correct 20 x 60 dressage arena.

A 50% deposit will hold the selected music in the Region for at least 6 months.  Rider's will receive a credit for fees that had been paid to me for the clinic. Once a video of the choreography is received on either DVD or You Tube link, the freestyle will then be designed.  The final payment will be due when the freestyle has been designed.  

2. The rider desires to improve their rhythm and tempo through the use of music.  This can be especially beneficial to lower level riders to help with the first two levels of the Training Scale, rhythm and relaxation. 

The horse's gait tempo's are measured.  The horse's way of going is observed in order to select appropriate music.   Next, music is played while the horse trots, canters, and then walks, to see which type of music looks correct with the horse.  The rider will experience how the appropriate music at the correct tempo will increase their understanding and ability to ride correctly.  If rider's would like to make a riding CD made of the music found at the clinic, there is a small additional fee, but these will be discounted from the clinic fees paid to me for riding in the clinic.

3. The rider wants to work on their existing freestyle, either to improve on it or change it to a different level.  During their session, we will discuss music changes and/or choreography changes that will improve their scores.  The current freestyle needs to be brought to the clinic.  If the rider will contact me ahead of time, I can bring my computer to change the freestyle at the clinic,  The new freestyle will be emailed to the rider after the clinic.  There may be additional fees if there are additional changes made after the clinic.

4. The rider wants to come, ride to music, learn about the development of freestyles in order to put together a freestyle them self.  Although the rider does not receive the music selected during these sessions, they should understand the type of music that is appropriate for their horse along with the tempo's of their horse's gaits.   

5. Rider's want to participate in a Pas de Deux.  All rider's who are going to ride in the Pas de Deux, should ride during all sessions.  Music can be selected or riders can bring their own music.  Choreography can be created or existing choreography can be worked with and/or improved.  Working together as a group will be emphasized during their session in order to produce a higher scoring presentation.  If rider's would like me to design the freestyle developed at the clinic, credit will be given based on the fees paid to me from the clinic.  Rider's may split the additional fees.


Julie Ryan - Two Stepping Under the Stars - July 12th

Shea Lecture Series